Provider Directory

This directory is to be used as an informational source to help LGBTQ people find affirming providers to help them in growing their families. We briefly vet each listing for trans competency, but suggest anyone using this guide should independently examine and vet any qualifications, and use their own best judgment before, during, and after the hiring process.

If you experience transphobia from anyone listed on this guide, please email us at

Guide to the guide:

Identifies at LGBTQ* Identifies as TGNC**

Level of experience with queer and trans community:

Have worked with a few trans people+ Worked extensively with trans people++

Practice centered in serving queer and trans experience+++


Desert Seed Fertility
Kathy Adams, CPM, LM , she/her*+
Phoenix, AZ
Services offered:  Co-founder of Desert Seed Fertility (with fellow midwife Kate Paxton CNM). Our practice offers fertility counseling and insemination services.
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: Queer/lesbian, white


Horizon Midwifery
Sara Howard, Licensed Midwife, Lactation Consultant , she/her*+++
Los Angeles, CA
Services offered:  ICI/IUI (in-office only), home birth, lactation support (including inducing lactation)
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: Queer, cisgender, married to a woman

Restore Midwifery
Marea Goodman, Midwife, she/her*+++
Oakland, CA
Services offered:  IUI (frozen and fresh), homebirth services
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, a little Portugese
Identifiers: lesbian, personal experience with IUI

Taproot Midwifery
Stephanie Esparza, Midwife, she/her+++
Sacramento, CA
Services offered:  IUI, Fertility Consultations, Well Body Care, Prenatal/Postpartum Care, Homebirth, Traditional Mexican Ceremonies, Placenta Encapsulation,
Languages spoken: Spanish, English
Identifiers: Xicana


Kris Muvceski, full spectrum doula**+++
Daytona Beach + Central Florida
Services offered:  Reproductive Health – STI Education, Queer Sex Education; Birth Doula – Childbirth Education, Labor & Birth Support, Rebozo Techniques; Postpartum Services Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding/Infant Feeding Counseling, Infant Massage Education, Belly Binding, Sealing Ceremony, Herbal Healing Salves; Somatic Movement: Prenatal Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Meditation; Abortion Doula
Languages spoken: native English; professional working Macedonian; limited working American Sign Language, Spanish, & French
Identifiers: Queer, Non-Binary, Single-Parent


Lucia Roderique, doula, student midwife, Lucia/Lucia’s*+++
Atlanta metro area and virtual and @luciathedoula on IG
Services offered:  abortion, pregnancy loss, birth, and postpartum, sliding scale pricing for BIPOC
Languages spoken: English, intermediate Spanish
Identifiers: Black biracial queer femme


Peachy Births
Ashley Haden-Peaches, doula, lactation counselor, social worker, she/her*+
Kansas City Metro Area
Services offered:  birth doula support, lactation care and lactation induction for non-gestational parents, childbirth education, conception education
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: black, queer, cisgender birthworker and lactation counselor.


Moss The Doula
Moss Froom they/them**+++
Baltimore, MD
Services offered: in-person and virtual support for fertility, gestation/pregnancy, labor & birth, postpartum, loss, and abortion. Virtual All Genders Birth Class in small group and private formats.
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: nonbinary trans


Fertile Ground Boston
Audra Karp, Midwife, she/her*++
Boston, MA
Services offered:  Intrauterine insemination, sperm washing, natural fertility counseling and preconception visits
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: Queer/lesbian, Jewish, white, cis woman

Intimate Connections Doula
Amber Matteson, she/her*++
Greater Boston
Services offered:  birth doula
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: white, queer, cis femme


Starseed Doulas
Maleny Bennyra Crespo, doula, they/them**+++
Washtenaw and Wayne Counties
Services offered:  Birth doula, postpartum doula, bereavement doula, abortion companion, placenta encapsulation specialist, and sacred postpartum ceremony.
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Identifiers: First-generation Mexica


Stellar Birth Services
Shea Roberts Gyllen, doula, they/them**+++
Twin Cities
Services offered:  Full spectrum doula, childbirth educator
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: white, non-binary, pansexual, kink-positive, polyamory-positive


Peachy Births
Ashley Haden-Peaches, doula, lactation counselor, social worker, she/her*+
Kansas City Metro Area
Services offered:  birth doula support, lactation care and lactation induction for non-gestational parents, childbirth education, conception education
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: black, queer, cisgender birthworker and lactation counselor.


Vida Full Spectrum Birth Services
Cristina Hernandez, birth worker, she/her*
Las Vegas, NV
Services offered:  full spectrum of services from preconception, prenatal support, birth, postpartum, adoption, and surrogacy support.
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Identifiers: queer cisgender white passing Latina, survivor, activist & advocate

New York

Cosmos Midwifery
Chloë Lubell, Midwife, she/her*+++
Brooklyn, NY
Services offered:   Fertility counseling / preconception care
Intrauterine Insemination with frozen or fresh sperm (no in-home sperm washing, but partnered with a lab who offers sperm washing), Prenatal care, birth care, postpartum care – homebirth, gender affirming hormone prescriptions and Gynecology / Well body visits, in-home and in-office services, sliding scale
Languages spoken: English, conversational German & Spanish
Identifiers: white, cis woman, jewish, queer

Little Moonlight Doula
Luar Adonis Wolf, 𝐂𝐃, 𝐂𝐁𝐄, 𝐂𝐋𝐒𝐂, 𝐂𝐒𝐅𝐃, They/She/Ella/Elle**+++
Brooklyn, NY
Services offered:  Full Spectrum Doula, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Support Counselor (Bodyfeeding Counselor), Childbirth Educator, Gender Affirming Transition Support, Herbalist, Trainer/Facilitator
Languages spoken: English & Spanish
Identifiers: Queer, Intersex, Trans, NonBinary, Puertorriqueñx, Dominicanx.

Craino with Tai
Tai Chou-Kudu, biodynamic crainosacral therapist , she/her**+++
Brooklyn, NY
Services offered:   crainosacral therapy (via phone only during COVID-19), remote
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: Black, Chinese, Taiwanese, European, neurodivergent, non binary, young

Nourishing Seeds Doula Support
Charlie Monlouis Anderle, full-spectrum doula, certified bodyfeeding counselor (CBC), and postpartum chef, they/them**+++
Brooklyn, NY
Services offered: gender transition, preconception, abortion, miscarriage and infant loss, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, support for feeding parents and babies
Languages spoken: English, French, conversational Spanish
Identifiers: Blaqueer, afrocaribbean, mixed, non-monogamous, non-binary

North Carolina

The Black Birth Healer
Mystique Hargrove, she/they**+++
Greensboro, NC
Services offered:  birth, postpartum and full spectrum doula services, herbal medicine products, childbirth education classes, lactation education classes, parenting dynamic classes, intimacy classes, energy work, and mental health and wellness services.
Identifiers: Black, Latinx, Indigenous, bisexual, nonbinary woman/GNC

Mpowered Souls
Mel Graham, Spiritual Coach, Energy Healer, Postpartum Doula, they/she**+
Charlotte, NC
Services offered:  Postpartum and Abortion Support, General Parenting Support
Languages spoken: English, some Spanish
Identifiers: Black, Non-Binary, Queer, Polyamarous


Unfurling Birth
Catherine Bailey, Midwife, she/they**+++
Portland, OR
Services offered:  Fertility Support/Consults, IUIs, Sperm Washing, Prenatal Care, Labor and Birth Support at Home, Postpartum Care
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: Queer, White, Gender Non-Conforming


Amethyst Midwitchery
Michele James-Parham, Midwife, they/them**+++
Pittsburgh, PA
Services offered:  Preconception/Fertility Support, At-home ICI/IUI, Perinatal Care, Homebirth, Newborn Health Screenings, Well Person Care, and Parenting Support.
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: Queer, Trans Nonbinary/Genderqueer, Romani, & Disabled

Refuge Midwifery
Ray Rachlin, Midwife, they/she**+++
Philadelphia, PA
Services offered:  preconception counseling, assistance getting off T to regain fertility, home intrauterine insemination (IUI), home birth midwifery care, community education on queer family planning and trans affirming reproductive care.
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: white, working class raised, queer non-binary femme 


Love Over Fear Wellness
Jenna “JB” Brown, They/he**+++
Austin, TX
Services offered:   in-person and virtual full-spectrum doula services (preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, loss, abortion, gender transition), childbirth education, LGBTQ TTC/pregnancy/parenting virtual community spaces, provider education and consulting, doula mentorship
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: white, pansexual, transmasculine non-binary, non-monogamous, working class, mad

Preggers Can Be Choosers
Rowan Twosisters she/her/them **++
Houston, TX
Services offered:   Offering birth center delivery options for low-risk pregnancies, basic fertility counseling, Arvigo Therapy (Maya Abdominal Massage), currently learning IUI.
Languages spoken: English, conversational Spanish and ASL
Identifiers: white, nonbinary, queer. 


Mel Kennedy, they/them**+++
Gainesville, VA
Services offered:   Transition/Gender-affirming surgery Doula, Vigil Doula, Aromatherapy, Community Herbalist, Military families support
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: Black, Latinx, Queer, Non Binary, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Neurodivergent


Maia Midwifery & Fertility Services
Kristin Kali, Midwife, they/them**+++
Seattle, WA
Services offered:   Fertility and Preconception Care, IUI in home or clinic, Family Building Consultations, Fertility Classes, Queer Conception Support Groups, Queer IVF Support Groups, Prenatal Care and Home Birth, Centering Queer/Trans Pregnancy Groups, Childbirth Classes for LGBTQ+ Families, QEPS-Queer/Trans Early Parenting Support Groups, virtual access for all services except IUI/prenatal care/home birth
Languages spoken: English
Identifiers: White, anti-racist, middle class, queer, nonbinary, parent of 4 grown children